EUGC - Belgian qualifications 2016

Sunday May 22 - 2PM

The European Urban Golf Cup (EUGC) takes place on June 4th in Amsterdam. Over 18 countries will participate in the biggest Urban Golf event in the universe (no kidding).

As first Belgium team of EUGC 2015, Urban Golf Kortrijk is automatically placed for EUGC 2016 (ow yes) and organizes this year's qualifications.

We are looking for 3 more awesome teams of 3 incredible fun players who will represent Belgium in Amsterdam.


  • Only experienced (urban) golfers please. If we spot amateurs even worse than we are, they will need to buy us drinks. 
  • Each team uses their own golfclubs. We provide the Almostgolf balls and drinks. 
  • All golfclubs are allowed (even medieval ones) but a maximum of 3 clubs per player can be used during the game.
  • The first 3 teams are qualified to join Urban Golf Kortrijk as the 4 teams to represent Belgium at EUGC 2016.
  • Each team consists of 3 players who will also participate in the EUGC. Only one player can be replaced if participation is not possible or he/she has issues with Holland.
  • The game consists of 7 holes. Specific rules will be communicated at the beginning of the event or when we invent them on te sport. We organize this, so we rule ;-)
  • The first Belgian team of EUGC 2016 is responsible for organizing qualifications in 2017. So work hard on May 22, play wisely on June 4th...

Register your team

Before May 11.
Participation fee: € 30 / team (includes balls + drinks)

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